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  • - Easy Install - Just Slide It On
  • - Fast and Clean Repairs Made Easy
  • - 1-1/2" Flexible Velcro Strap for Tight Secure Stability
  • - Securely Holds Up to 4 T-Wrenches and 4 Screw Drivers and Lots of Nuts and Bolts

Born of necessity, the Fenderbench solves a common problem in the motocross industry. When the home or factory mechanic does maintenance, repairs, and aftermarket improvements on their dirt bike, the small screws, parts and tools end up scattered all over the motorcycle, the ground, on the floor, and in the dirt. This happens out of lack of a better alternative, and often ends up in confusion and frustration. This causes a major disorganization while trying to put your improvement back together. More times than not, these items are also dirt sensitive, thus making the ground and the floor the worst possible place they could end up. In short, the problem: a lack of organization of small but important parts during motorcycle projects.

The solution: The Fenderbench.

The Fenderbench is designed to fit over the rear fender of a motocross dirt bike. It can accommodate almost all of today's popular and widely owned dirt bike sizes and types. The design is simple to slide on, easy to ship, durable and effective. The Fenderbench itself is surrounded by a 1-1/2" lip. With six separate sections inside the Fenderbench, this allows parts from different areas of work to be kept together yet separate during the phases of the mechanics project. Keeping things very organized; Talk about simplicity!